Week 5 – “‘Afropop’ and the Paradoxes of Imperialism” Lazarus

October 28, 2007

This article surprises me because I, personally, really enjoy world music. I like to be exposed to the arts on a global level, and one of my goals is to learn to discuss intelligently about these things, as a way of breaking out of my “western” bubble. It makes me sad to realize that the music industry is exploiting global artists for western consumption, especially at the expense of true artistic expression. One more example of the squelching of self-identification for non-western peoples. I’m feeling the nibble of cynicism today… Is it possible to discuss these things without it creeping in?

2 Responses to “Week 5 – “‘Afropop’ and the Paradoxes of Imperialism” Lazarus”

  1. joshuamartinez said

    Sure it is, but it takes effort. If you like world music and want to see justice served to the artists check out the Putamayo record label. I work at a fair trade store in Pasadena called Ten Thousand Villages and we sell these cd’s, so I know a little bit about them.

  2. lauraknowles said

    Ten Thousand Villages is my favorite store in the whole world! The world music that I have and listen to is actually all from that label. Good to know I picked the right one. So you work there huh? Can you get me a discount?! =)

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