It rained all day today, and that is a rare moment in southern California. To celebrate, I posted an old poem I wrote in college on my Facebook page. I thought I’d post it here as well, just for fun. Enjoy!200236712-001

On Rain and Torn-Down Houses

I miss the sound the rain made at my house
when I would sneak out to the porch at night
on tiptoe, quiet, so as not to rouse

my mother, who could stop me in mid-flight
from watching as the sleepy world got wet.
The vinyl awning kept me dry in spite

of Angel, dripping, begging me to pet
her slick black fur and licking at my knees
all goose-bumped in the hurried wind that let

my unclipped hair swirl tangled in the breeze.
I miss the mist that held onto my skin
and how the rustling leaves fell from their trees

and dropped like unwrapped gifts from distant kin
to lie forlorn and dying at my feet
before the wind would whip them up again.

I sometimes wander down that lonely street
and wonder if the rain still falls as sweet.