Final Post –> New Blog!

January 5, 2010

Hello friends: old, new, and cyber! 

As I transition out of my role as student and into the realm of grown-up-real-life, I say goodbye to this blog.  What began as a class assignment struggled to maintain its place in my varying interests by representing a small selection of subsequent classes during the time I spent at Fuller.  I think it’s served its purpose faithfully and with great perseverance.

Now I welcome you all to visit my new blog: of the garden variety.  (Don’t get too excited; there’s nothing really there yet.)  I plan to blog at least once a week in 2010, probably posting Tueseday evenings.  Do follow, comment, and thrive with me as I attempt to document my growth into adulthood with snapshots of the various flora and fauna that flourish in the garden of my soul.  Now wasn’t that poetic?

Happy journey, brave ones!

Sincerely, your lovely host: lauraknowles