Sine writes, “Entrepreneurial innovation is lying latent in many young people” (296).  This is why youth ministry and Christian education are so important.  Now I’m no youth pastor, anyone will tell you that.  But I am so supportive of anyone who is gifted to speak into the lives of high school and college students who are being shaped and formed by the world around them.  New scientific research on the brain (I just learned in my sex class a few weeks back) tells us that the pre-frontal cortex (the part of the brain that thinks, makes decisions, and judges) undergoes a second pruning phase in the teen years that can last until age 25!  In case we didn’t already know, those years are vital for our development as cognitive, healthy human beings.  Talk about unmined resources.  Giving students the tools and empowering them (and coming alongside them) can totally reshape the vision of the church for ages to come.  Go youth pastors!