I love Sine’s advice: “Begin really, really small” (277).  As a Presbyterian, I’m trained to think in programs.  I want to shift everything at once and put everyone on a new path.  That’s, of course, not the way do to things that stick.  God works slowly, through process, through journey, through relationships that build over time.  If we want this thing to stick, this new thing that God is doing, this ushering in of the new kingdom here and now, we’d better start with this really small thing, this mustard seed that will (like the stubborn weed it is) take over the world.


A good question: does “cultural identity in any way determine the performance of fan identities” (211)? Although the article does not offer an answer. It was interesting, however, to consider the difference between TV characters and film characters in terms of longevity. The more background or “meta-text” a character has, the more attachment to that character. People tend to attach more to film stars and TV characters. That’s an interesting phenomenon and I think goes back to the fact that fandom is about emotional relationship, which is hard to build with a character who appears over two-three hours and then vanishes forever.