When Sine writes, “We also need to model a less driven way of life in which we are much more present to God and those with whom we are in community” (157), I immediately thought of PIHOP, the Pasadena International House of Prayer behind which I and my roommate now live.  I’ve been seeking God in new ways since I moved out to California, and I finally began to find God at PIHOP.  The people there amaze me with their commitment and pursuit of God.  It’s so peaceful there, and the people involved spend enormous amounts of their day/week in prayer and worship together in this little room, squished between businesses on the busy Lake Ave.  I’ve learned by watching these people how to be present with God and also present with community all at once, moving easily in and out of earnest worship to greet newcomers or attend to the homeless who come in from the street looking for water, first aid, or maybe just attention.  In my busy, busy weeks with classes and work and many extra demands, I find myself drawn to PIHOP for the “less driven way of life” to find peace, if only for a moment in my busy schedule.