Sine, “Reimagining Whole-Life Community”

August 18, 2008

These titles are so repetitive. Anyway, I was telling a friend the other day how reading Bonhoeffer changed my life.  I was so upset at not getting into the class I wanted that I couldn’t care less about the class I was forced to take in its place, Ethics of Bonhoeffer (with Stassen, if you get a chance to take it, DO!).  I didn’t even know who Bonhoeffer was.  But I’d been struggling with what it means to be in community, what is community for, what is the church, how do we do church, is church community, is community church, etc.  And the first book we read was his famous Life Together.  Couldn’t have been more perfect.  Community is absolutely essential to the Christian life.  We are relational creatures! (Told you I’d say it again!)  We need each other; we long for intimate connection with someone with skin on.  It’s how we’re made.  I love the stories in this chapter and in Claiborne’s book.  So many ways to do community!  What a joy!

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