Sine, “Challenges Facing the Western Poor”

August 18, 2008

I just do not understand economics.  I’ve never been a numbers person.  Give me words, and I’m there, but numbers!  I don’t know really how to help raise up the poor from their poor-ness or how to help the vulnerable middle keep from going under.  All I know is that God provides.  God wonderfully and magnificently and miraculously provides, and I cling to that promise.  Claiborne talks about coming to Calcutta with no idea where he would sleep or what he would eat.  But he went, expecting God to provide, and God did!  I get that these issues are important, and I get that people can be boosted up and provided for and all this…but it’s just not my heart.  Money is just not my heart.  People are my heart, but money…I’ll leave that to the math guys!

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