Theodoropoulou, “The Anti-Fan within the Fan: Awe & Envy in Sport Fandom”

August 17, 2008

I remember the intensity of our high school rivalry, going as far as some on-campus pranks that got the cops involved!  Our biggest moment was half-time at the homecoming game.  No one really cared about the beauty contest; we wanted to know who had raised the most money in that previous week’s madness of fundraising.  Every year we raised a little bit more, and every year we lost to the rich high school with their (stinking) corporate sponsors.  Our grassroots mobilization just wasn’t enough to beat out “the man.”  But that didn’t stop us from trash-talking!  Apparently, I have been and always will be an anti-fan of the Greenville Raiders simply by virtue of being a Mann Patriot (M-A-N-N-PATS-Go Pats!)


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