Sconce, “A Vacancy at the Paris Hilton”

August 17, 2008

Amusing article. I’m not sure what there is really to comment on. I loved the suggestion at the end about inviting celebrities to phantom charity events and watching them look confused. I was offended by pretty much the whole section on erotic capital. Only a man would write stuff like that and think he’s inside the female mind, even a mind like Paris Hilton’s. I do think it’s interesting the distinction between “young Hollywood in all its narcissistic stupidity [and] regular working people condemned to a life of eternally nonfabulous boredom” (336). We love to hate celebrities like Hilton precisely because we both envy and despise them for being so rich, so nonchalantly wasteful, so…very, very rich. Our lives seem petty in comparison, until the moment of self-pity passes, and we realize that we do not serve Mammon. Suddenly, my heart breaks for Paris Hilton, with her millions, her amassed stuff, her famous for being famous for being famous public image, and her subsequently empty, empty life. Jesus talks about abundant life, not big bank accounts. Let’s not forget the difference.

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