Johnson, “Fan-tagonism: Factions, Institutions, & Constitutive Hegemonies of Fandom”

August 17, 2008

Interesting (or rather, not so much really) the on-going battle between fans and corporations: “Fans attack and criticize media producers whom they feel threatened their meta-textual interests, but producers also respond to these challenges, protecting their privilege by defusing and marginalizing fan activism” (298). Whatever that means. I suppose people have a right to think whatever they want about a storyline, and if they want to be upset, let them be upset. Maybe they’re right and should be acknowledged. Of course, if I were writing a show and made a decision other people didn’t like about the way the plot should move, I would not be inclined to take their petty and ill-informed opinions into account. Oh, there’s that superior attitude again!

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