Harrington & Bielby, “Global Fandom/Global Fan Studies”

August 17, 2008

Honestly, I think it’s kind of impossible to talk about fandom in a “global sense.” Well, maybe you can talk about “fandom” in a global sense, but you can’t talk about specific fan texts in nearly the same way since they are so culture-specific (or at least language-specific). Everyone is a fan of something, I suppose, but does any one kind of media experience engage people on a global level? An actual global level?

Anyway, a question I have for this article: why does the issue of self-reflexivity matter so much? What’s wrong with identifying yourself as a fan of what you write about, or of not doing so? It makes sense to study something you care about. Why would you study something you don’t like? In fact, wouldn’t you have MORE insight if you are an insider? Is it just the effect of postmodern self-consciousness that we must declare ourselves so self-aware and so self-critical? I think at this point, we have all gotten the point: we all view the world through our own particular lenses. Good. Now let’s move on.

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