Gray, “The News: You Gotta Love It”

August 17, 2008

I’ll just begin by saying that I am not a news fan. The last time I watched the news or read the paper with anything like avid interest and concern was in the weeks following 9/11. That being said, it’s true that “fans have a remarkably emotional relationship to their beloved text” (77), whatever it might be. The fact that people can get emotional about news tells us that we’re all different people (to each his own?), but that even in our different interests, we’re similar in response. Funny, huh? We’re more alike than we are different, which means there shouldn’t be a bridge we can’t build…if we’ve got the right materials. I like the connection between emotion and rationality: “Emotion is, after all, what makes us care to think rationally in the first place, and it is emotion that drives us to work for change or for conservatism. Emotion lets us deliberate, and then encourages us to act on that deliberation” (79). Let’s try looking at that connection in relation to the criticism that women are too emotional to make rational decisions about important things like, say, who to bomb.

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