Gray, Sandvoss, Harrington, Intro “Why Study Fans?”

August 17, 2008

The authors write: “studying fan audiences allows us to explore some of the key mechanisms through which we interact with the mediated world at the heart of our social, political, and cultural realities and identities…furthering our understanding of how we form emotional bonds with ourselves and others in a modern, mediated world” (10). I’ve said it before, and this won’t be the last time: we are relational creatures; we’re made for community. The relatively new field of studies in fandom has the potential to teach the church how to engage with our present culture–a secuarlized, pluralistic, relative, nominal world full of people who may or may not know the difference between sand and water, and who may or may not care. Fandom is important because it touches our emotional level and provides opportunities (or at least desire) to engage in community below the surface hi-how-are-you-fine. Here are the tools to build bridges.

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