Gibbs, Ch. 6 “The Influence of Secularization”

August 17, 2008

This chapter makes me sad.  It is conversations like these that leave me wanting to throw up my hands in frustration and say, “what effect can I really have on a world so totally bypassing the abundant life Jesus offers us?”  I get depressed, cynical, and maybe even jaded when faced with such a task, yet my heart breaks open for a world so thirsty it will keep drinking from a dry well.  I remember a scene in The American President where an idealistic young aide tries to inspire the president to action by painting the picture of the masses as so thirsty they’ll chase a mirage and when the arrive to find no water, will drink the sand in desperation.  And the president responds, no; they drink the sand not because they’re thirsty, but because they don’t know the difference.  That’s the world of secularization.  That’s where nominality is heading, unable to tell the difference between living water and the dry sand.  That, folks, is the state of our mission field.  And what are we to do?

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