Crawford & Rutter, “Playing the Game: Performance in Digital Game Audiences”

August 17, 2008

I never understood the addictive draw of video and computer gaming. The authors paraphrase that “the value of gaming is not to be found in the game text but in the way it is performed within a social context” (277). I remember many times walking into my brothers’ room growing up to see them immersed in “conversation” with people they were playing online war games with. They would talk about the games together and get help from their friends when they got stuck, always coming up with new “cheats” to help them advance levels. Who knew this was a part of forming social context? I thought it was a waste of time, sucking your life away in front of a screen (instead of buried in a book like I always was!). I still think it’s not the best use of time, but I have to acknowledge the validity of the authors’ assertion “that even individual gamers bring their social, cultural, and psychological selves to the games they play” (280).

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