Click, “Untidy: Fan Response to the Soiling of Martha Stewart’s Spotless Image”

August 17, 2008

I was most intrigued by the shift in opinion throughout the article. People bashed Stewart for whatever their differing reasons were, and then they defended her when she was being in relatively the same way bashed by the judicial court and the media hype. People are fickle. Remember Jesus’ magnificent entrance into Jerusalem, and days later his exit under the weight of his crossbeam? We like to see people fall from their pedestals, only then we feel sympathetic toward them, too. Which might be a good thing considering how many pastors fall from glory (oops, surely I mean grace!) and get dragged through the mud…never to return? If people can accept Martha Stewart’s homemaking advice after her trading fiasco, why can’t people accept pastoral advice about life-living after proving they, too, may not be taking that advice to heart?

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