Claiborne, Intro, Author’s Note, Ch. 1 “When Christianity Was Still Safe”

August 17, 2008

I like that Claiborne defines “radical” as “getting to the root of things” (20). A radical Christian is rooted to the authentically daring life of our incarnational God. It’s true that “many of us feel God doing something new, something small and subtle” (25). I’ve been saying all year that I believe God is doing something new at Fuller, but I think it’s something big. Maybe I’ve been thinking about size in terms of radical rather than movements. And it’s true that we are transformed by “people and experiences” (28). Any emerging church leader will tell you that. As we fight pluralism, secularism, relativism, and even “dualism” (28), it is the personal experience of the new thing God is doing that will work change. And it’s our job as non-nominal Christians to live it out, and to tell the story. Claiborne tells his own story of being “suffocated by Christianity but thirsty for God” (39). How many people like that are out there, those who love Jesus but hate the church, or maybe just don’t care?

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