Claiborne, Ch. 7 “Pledging Allegiance When Kingdoms Collide”

August 17, 2008

Claiborne writes, “A gospel that is not political is no gospel at all” (194). I really struggle with this kind of mentality largely because I just am not political. I’ve already mentioned that I don’t often watch the news or read the paper. I don’t really care to engage in political debate, and I usually don’t know who is running for what or what they stand for (or against). I have a hard time with advocacy and social justice issues simply because that is not where my heart is. I’m glad that there are others who have a heart for these very important issues. But I wonder how to challenge my church context when I myself don’t feel any drivenness. Community I can get behind. Worship I can get behind. Culture, building relationships, engaging with theological issues–I’m there. But politics is just not my heart. What does it mean to be a political Christian, to have a political gospel? What if I’m not behind that?


One Response to “Claiborne, Ch. 7 “Pledging Allegiance When Kingdoms Collide””

  1. Oh. I think you just have a simple misunderstanding of what Shane was trying to say. Earlier on the page he basically explains what he means when he says the word political.

    “Anything involving humans living together purposefully is political.” I think he means a gospel that doesn’t involve humans living together purposefully is no gospel at all.

    Hope that helps!

    PS – I also hate the world of politics, but I love me some people!

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