Week 10 Wednesday

November 29, 2007

Last class. Sad. I appreciated the effort to tie things together, but I would have rather done that as a group or in small groups than through lecture. I’m sure it was helpful for people who are in their first quarter, though. I was especially engaged while we talked about generosity and gift-giving. When I go back to my home church for good, I want to help them move through that rubric process to think about how we can be generous as a church (which we are) without requiring anything in return (which we do, unintentionally for the most part). I wonder, though, how possible it is to facilitate the process of awareness at a church as big as mine. I guess I’ll just have to start the conversation among the leadership in the church so that it will trickle down instead of trying to get it to spread upward. If anyone has any brilliant thoughts, I’m open to suggestions.


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