Response to Joel Greenwich’s blog

November 23, 2007

Joel wrote regarding Huie-Jolly’s article that Christians often give Christ a bad name because of the way they choose to present the gospel. I think it’s true that Christians can push people away when they come with their own agendas. That’s one reason it’s so important for us to look for where God is already working and join in. That way we’re sure that God is in it, preparing the way and moving in hearts. And that way it’s not about us going out to save the lost or any kind of crusade, but humbly part of something much bigger that God is already doing.

One Response to “Response to Joel Greenwich’s blog”

  1. joshuamartinez said

    Great work the last few weeks Laura. One more week to go, keep it up. Your statement on how we need to continue to look for where God is already at work is a great insight too.

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