Week 8 – Fuellenbach Ch. 7

November 14, 2007

I found a lot of intriguing and interesting concepts in this chapter, but for the sake of space I’ll only mention this one: “The communities possess a holistic view of history; the story of humanity and the story of salvation are seen as intrinsically interconnected” (181). I know I keep bringing up my Storytelling class, but it’s a really useful example of what God is teaching me this quarter. We talked a lot about this interconnection between God’s story, our own stories, and the biblical text. Our best stories are those that include a little of all three categories. Everything relates to everything else, and because we are by nature narrative people, story is the best way to communicate anything. We’re part of the kingdom of God. That cannot be separated from our own stories or from the biblical text. That’s why we’re called to look for where God is already working in the world and go join in. It’s all about being part of His story.


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