Week 7 – Fuellenbach Ch. 6

November 11, 2007

I love what Fuellenbach says about community and discipleship in this chapter: “By seeing ministry as discipleship we can avoid making sharp distinctions between the disciples and become able to introduce into the church once again true equality among all. Discipleship is the common denominator that unites us all, because all are followers and learners in relation to Jesus Christ” (118). This rather long quotation is central to my paper topic because this is just the kind of thing my former senior pastor failed to realize. We are all disciples of Christ and all equal on that level, so we all have something valid and important to add to a community environment. One person running to world does not a community make, nor is it a good example of how to be a disciple of Christ. Ministry should be about discipleship, not about leadership. It’s about cultivating that relationship with God and enabling others to do the same, not about running programs or standing in the pulpit on Sunday morning. Maybe those things are part of the process, but that’s not what it’s about. When leaders take the role of guiding and enabling rather than orchestrating and dictating, the community becomes more representative of the Trinity: “The mutual indwelling of th persons of the Holy Trinity is paralleled by the coinherence of the members of the church. In the church there is no conflict between freedom and authority; there is only unity, but not totalitarianism” (151). Good stuff.

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