Response to Caroline’s blog

November 11, 2007

Caroline writes in response to the Mishra article that Frank the Poet exemplifies a non-violent way to be revolutionary by being willing to tell stories through his poetry. I think she sees something very valuable here. I keep mentioning what I’ve been learning in my Storytelling class this quarter, and here’s another installment. It’s important to provide space for people to tell their stories. It allows them the opportunity not only to establish identity but also to generate awareness about injustice. Telling your story is a very powerful tool, and Caroline picks up on just how powerful it can be. It reminds me, too, of Gandhi’s nonviolent protests and how he fasted nearly to the point of death in order to stop the outbreaks of violence among the people all over India. His story, during his time and even or perhaps especially since his death, has impacted unknown numbers of people all over the world facing all sorts of different struggles. Frank the Poet was brave to share his perspective in his poetry, and I appreciate Caroline’s astute observation as to his role in overcoming injustice simply by telling a story.

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