Response to Terry Mak’s blog

November 3, 2007

Terry writes in her response to Donaldson’s article that the uniqueness of people’s cultures should be preserved and the people who are strong enough to maintain their cultural identity should be praised. Two thoughts here. One, there is no indication that Orpah ever changed her religious allegiance, so her clinging to her cultural identity does not necessarily mean she deserves praise. Two, Terry’s comment about syncratistic practices makes me think about the current struggle many Muslims have when they want to convert to the Christian faith. How much of their daily practice and living can be preserved and how much must be altered to worship Jesus instead? In my Power Encounter class, we talked about how it’s often different for each Muslim convert. Each one must consider Muslim practices and choose what is cultural and what is religious for themselves. Would it have been possible for Ruth to have done the same? I think not, based on the text, but it is an interesting thought.

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