Week 4 – Ch. 3 Fuellenbach

October 20, 2007

I appreciate the assertion that the Roman Catholic Church does not reserve exclusive rights to “Church” but extends the definition to all Christian communities “in which Christ is present” and who are “instruments of the Spirit in saving and sanctifying people” (69). I once went to a Catholic service where the priest’s entire message expressed the idea that the RCC was the “one true church.” Since then, of course, I have had much more positive experiences with Catholics. While I wouldn’t go so far as to extend the definition of “Church” to all humanity (the gate is narrow and few enter it), I am learning to view the Body as more of a centered-set than a bounded set. Still, I don’t think we should run ourselves aground for the sake of a succinct definition to something so organic.

One Response to “Week 4 – Ch. 3 Fuellenbach”

  1. hannelund said

    Hey! I wrote a response to this. Have a great monday!


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