Week 3 – “Renewal Movements” Horsley

October 12, 2007

It’s really interesting to read ancient Jewish culture as under the imperial rule of Roman oppression. Looking at the Bible through the postcolonial lens is rather new for me, having simply never thought much about it before. It puts the Pharisees in a whole new light to think of them as “mediators between imperial rule and ongoing Judean attempts to persevere in their traditional way of life” (72). No wonder they were so obsessed with the law. Doesn’t make it less wrong of them to be legalistic, but at least it gives me a little room to feel compassionate about their state of mind. It’s always important to understand people’s motives, even if they don’t excuse their actions.


2 Responses to “Week 3 – “Renewal Movements” Horsley”

  1. Bryson White said

    Interesting response to Nathans blog Laura. We have two different takes on the Pharisees actions an ancient Judiah. Once I see the emperial rule that is going on in at the hands of the Romans, it makes me more angry at the Pharisees actions. I guess I need to work on my compassion. I understand all the more on why Jesus was going hard on them. Compromise with the world, including it;s empires, has no place in the sight of God(in my opinion) because it means that you are relying on the world to set you free/make you comfortable rather than God. This is only leads to legalism of the worst kind. Nice response though I just have a different take on it.

  2. joshuamartinez said

    Good job of interacting with the material once again Laura. I like what you have to say concerning the Pharisees, and I too think that they might get an undue amount of vehemence from readers of the Christ story, and even more so by those who are unaware of the situation in which they find themselves.

    Nice work.

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