Response to Nathan Shenk’s blog

October 12, 2007

Nathan writes regarding Horsley’s article that when Jesus came to liberate, he set free not those who were under political oppression but those who were truly marginalized even in a marginalized society: women, slaves, the poor, etc. That’s a really interesting point to compound the realization on my part that the Jews were in fact a society struggling against Roman control. Jesus always takes things one step further than anyone ever expected. The Jews expected the Messiah to bring political freedom for them. But Jesus brought social freedom for the lowest and most despised or overlooked, and He brought spiritual freedom for every human being regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social rank. When we talk about postcolonialism and oppression and social justice, we will do well to remember Jesus’ example and not get caught up in labels and pointing fingers of blame and following guilty trails. Everyone needs forgiveness. Everyone needs freedom.


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