Week 3 – “Nationalist Resolution of the Women’s Question” Chatterjee

October 11, 2007

“Reforms which touch upon the ‘inner essence’ of the identity of the community can only be carried out by the community itself, not by the State” (164). This statement strikes me, especially in light of her extended example of its truth just above. Colonialism, then (or is it imperialism?), really cannot gain complete control over a people unless so granted by that people. Like we see the ancient Jewish community holding desperately to the law in the face of Roman oppression, it is possible to maintain something true about the self as long as the community binds together to protect it. Similarly, the community can lose its identity if it does not.


One Response to “Week 3 – “Nationalist Resolution of the Women’s Question” Chatterjee”

  1. ccnsamuelkim said

    nice post! I will be responding to this one.

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