Week 3 – Ch. 2 Fuellenbach

October 11, 2007

I like what Fuellenbach has to say about community in this chapter. He describes the Spirit as unifying: “The experience of the Spirit…was [in the early church] a community-creating experience, a body of Christ experience, an experience of being knit into a community” (51). It’s also our call and mission to continue to build community (55). What does this say about the role of the Trinity in community? Clearly the Spirit acts as the glue to hold the early church together as they struggle to learn how to follow Jesus and work together to embody Him on earth. As the Father sent the Son, so the Son sent the Spirit. And the Spirit sends us, out into the world to draw people into the community of the church–on a local and a global level. More paper reflection? The community is not a stagnant entity; it grows or it dies.

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