Week 2 – Ch.1 Fuellenbach

October 7, 2007

Fuellenbach echoes Bonhoeffer through much of his first chapter, especially the beginning. Interesting that he notes toward the end that though Jesus never emphasized the establishment of a separate community for believers, they themselves immediately formed such a community in the early church. I’m not sure what to make of that statement just now, but it makes me think. Does the fact that Jesus never “instituted” a church community mean that we’ve missed the point? Does it matter at all? Personally, I’m deeply interested in the concept of community for today’s Christian culture. How does Jesus’ ministry fit into our understanding of community today?


2 Responses to “Week 2 – Ch.1 Fuellenbach”

  1. slcdanlong said

    I was also wondering about Fuellenbach’s understanding of “community” and how that fits Jesus’ ministry. I got worried when the first few pages of the chapter repeated this need to “return” to the 1st century community. I’ve heard that before, over and over again. Everyone seems to have this ideal that if we could repeat this early community that Jesus wanted, then we’d be exactly what He intended. But what people decide is true of that “original” community is often not agreed upon and ends up vaguely defined. What F has offered so far in his writing does not seem to be qualities uniquely experienced in “community.”

    Can an institution be an image of the kingdom? Can an institution be comprised of people following the way of Jesus?

    All in all, I’m beginning to wonder if community is just a catch word that we pit against “institution” because we look down upon the latter.

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