Response to Shelley Shupe’s blog

October 7, 2007

Shelley notes Fuellenbach’s emphasis on community and the link between our community as believers and the community expressed in the Trinity. I wonder what implications there are to differentiating between the church and the kingdom of God. Do believers have to be integrated into our western understanding of “church” to be part of our community? Do we recognize the kingdom of God at work in different contexts, manifest in different ways? How does the picture of the Trinity inform our understanding of community? Does it limit or expand our view? Too many questions for one “response?” Basically, what can we learn from the relationship of the Father, Son, and Spirit that will inform our efforts to “do” community in our contemporary, western context? Maybe this is a good reflection for the paper…

2 Responses to “Response to Shelley Shupe’s blog”

  1. shellyshupe said

    hmm….i like the way you think, Laura! In response to your question: “how does the picture of the Trinity inform our undrestnding of community?” I think that we have to gain a better understanding of the love and relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit first. I seem to remeber Stanley Grenz discussing this issue in, “Theology for the Community of God,” so I would like to go back and read his thoughts on the matter as well as hear some of your insights about what this looks like practically played out in “real life.”

  2. joshuamartinez said


    good post. I was also going to say that this Grenz’s book would be an excellent resource. Also this might be an excellent topic for the paper, although I would double check with Ryan to be sure. Issues of the trinity in understanding the plurality of faith issues is an important topic right now in contemporary theology. There are quite a few Catholic Theologians who are trying to work through some of these issues, one of my favorites is Gavin D’Costa, if you are looking for more recommendations.


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