Week 1 – Response to Hang Lee’s blog

October 1, 2007

Hang noted that in the “Aftermath” article Warren put a positive spin on violence as an expression of God’s love in “saving” underdeveloped countries from ignorance, etc. by colonizing them. He made a good theological point about the way of Jesus being one of peace rather than violence. That’s also what I noted in the “Spontaneity” article. Fanon’s conclusion was that violence alone could overthrow colonialism for good and bring the people into a new independent freedom. I think freedom, both spiritual and political, can be attained by non-violent means. True, uneducated peasants might be more inclined to take up arms than to sit in a room and learn, but there simply has to be another solution than violence. Colonialism, clearly, was not a good thing to begin with. Must it follow that freedom from oppression also be by violent means? If the way of Jesus is the way of peace, isn’t that the way to go?


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